P-I surfaces are modern and exhibit abundant Osseointegration properties Surfaces Features

Widely Documented

. Developed in the Department of Biomaterials – University of Gothenburg - Sweden and documented in many studies by some of the most important scientists in the field of implant surfaces.

Evolution of a Modern Surface

. A patented evolution of TiUnite® featuring significantly lower micro roughness, the Ospol® Surface is oxidized and incorporates Calcium Ions (Ca+2) and presents similar results when compared to moderately acheter du cialis en ligne rough surfaces.

Better Long Term Perspective

. Ospol® Surface represents a better hypothesis of improving long term success and longevity of Implants being less prone to biofilm adhesion (Periimplantitis), in clinical use since 2004.

Advanced Technology

. The Micro+Nano Surface is exclusively obtained by subtraction methods, controlled microblasting and Ions bombardment technology.

Minimally Rough and Nano Structured

. Exhibiting complex minimally rough micro structures and high density of nano features, designed for efficiency during healing periods, especially early ones, the Micro+Nano Surface is documented in international studies by worldwide experts in the Osseointegration field.

New Bone Area

. A complete solution to address a wide range of clinical cases, the Micro+Nano Surface showed slightly increased bone areas in the 3 week period when compared to Ospol® Surface.