Morse Taper



Interfaces Features






A modern Morse Taper. Implant and Abutment Interface microbiological sealing, absence of leakage and micromovement. Very strong and stable Interface. Platform Switching, Micro Threads, hexagonal indexation, reversible prosthesis and Concave Emergence Components, seated by high preload special low friction screw trough, represent technologies to achieve high performance on demanding esthetics at bone or below bone level.




Platform Switched and Micro Threaded in all diameters, the conical indexed Amplified® Interface addresses a variety of clinical cases with superior esthetic results without the need for excessive submersion of Implant platform below bone level. Cortical bone preservation and soft tissue maintenance are characteristics of this technology to achieve and maintain esthetic results.


 External Hexagon  
Classic. Featuring Parallel Emergence Components, the External Hexagon Interface is a simple and great performer for total and partial prosthesis. In the Ø5.1 Platform it is possible to use Ø4.1 Components (Platform Switching).
Original dimensions for Components and Hexagon in the Ø4.1 Platform. Solid designs feature Micro Threads, a better potential for tissue preservation.