Modern Morse Taper

• Microbiological and Mechanical Sealing
. Absence of leakage
   . No micromovement
   . Internal conical Interface with effective Morse
     seating of Components at installation
   . Very stable and strong Interface


• Superior Esthetic Results
   . Platform Switching and Micro Threads in all diameters
   . Concave Emergence Components designed to enhance
   . Increased Biological width
   . Better hypothesis for cortical bone preservation and soft
     tissue maintenance

• Higher preload
. Low friction biocompatible carbon coating
   . Special design Screw trough guarantees complete seating of
     Components at installation
   . Same Screw for all Components*




• Prosthetic Reversibility
. Abutment Retriever cancels effective Morse sealing without
     transmission of stresses to tissues
   . Hexagonal indexation



• Full Multi Platform
. Use of any Component on any Implant Platform and diameter,
     including short and wide Implants



• Bone Level Flexibility
. Installation at bone level or 0.5 – 1.5 mm below bone level
   . Possibility of further submersion**
   . Conical Interface (8.5° + 8.5°)



• Mountless Installation
. Insertion Drivers with esthetic and dimensional references
   . Same Driver for manual, handpiece and wrench installation
   . One Driver for all Implant diameters



*Except straight Conical Abutment.

* Please verify available prosthetic Components and consider clinical case anatomic limitations and requirements prior to Implant installation.



SmartPegs are available for all P-I Interfaces. Please check availability in your region. Please refer to