Superior Esthetic Results
   . Cortical bone preservation
   . Soft tissue maintenance
   . Platform Switching and Micro Threads in all diameters
   . Increased Biological width | Parallel Emergence Components





Bone Level Installation
   . Installation at bone level or slightly below (0.5 – 1.0 mm)
   . Excessive submersion to obtain ideal emergence profile is not


Cortical Preservation Potential
   . Presence of Micro Threads up to platform flange
   . Better stress distribution to cortical bone
   . Higher coronal strength


Strong and Stable Interface
   . Conical indexed Interface (30° + 30°)
   . Allows simple prosthetic maintenance and reversibility
   . Hexagonal indexation


Multi Platform
   . Interchangeable Components between Ø4.1, 4.3
     and 5.1 Platforms


Mountless Installation
   . Insertion Drivers with esthetic and dimensional references
   . Same Driver for manual, handpiece and wrench installation
   . One Driver for all Implant diameters



* Please verify available prosthetic Components and consider clinical case anatomic limitations and requirements prior to Implant installation.


SmartPegs are available for all P-I Interfaces. Please check availability in your region. Please refer to