External Hexagon


• Increased Biological Width
   . Parallel Emergence Components
      . Does not require removal of cortical bone tissue


• Platform Switching for Enhanced Tissue Preservation
   . Platform Ø5.1 has the same Hexagon of Platform
     4.1, allowing use of 4.1 Components
   . Minimum Ø0.15 mm switching in all Platform
     diameters | 3.5 – 4.1 – 5.1


• Compatibility
   . Original Platform, Hexagon and Components
      Dimensions for Ø4.1


• Mountless Installation
   . Insertion Drivers with esthetic and dimensional references
   . Same Driver for manual, handpiece and wrench installation


• Versatile Interface
   . Ideal for total and partial prosthesis
   . Easy prosthetic maintenance





SmartPegs are available for all P-I Interfaces. Please check availability in your region. Please refer to