Hybrid Implants



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Intellectual Property and latest development of
Professor P-I Brånemark


Modern Macrogeometry





Presenting unique characteristics and proprietary designs, the Functional Hybrid Implants feature conical apex exhibiting collecting chambers, responsible for improving quality and quantity of surrounding bone (BIC) during the early healing period when compared to solid implants. The Functional geometries are in clinical use since 2002.


Original development of Ospol AB, commercialized in several countries, primarily in Europe since 2006, the enhanced macrogeometry of Solid Hybrid Implants feature an outstanding Morse Taper Interface.



P-I Hybrid Implants feature macro geometric characteristics combining a conical apex, parallel body and a slightly conical coronal flange with the objective of providing balanced high primary stability with maximum bone contact when combined with P-I Conical Drills, allowing easy, fast and safe clinical application in a variety of cases.