P-I product line was developed by the Osseintegration pioneer, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, jointly with experienced scientists and clinicians in world recognized entities to meet modern implant dentistry demands.

To further complement the P-I portfolio, the company Ospol AB was acquired. Founded in 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Ospol AB mainly commercialized its products in Europe, delivering outstanding technologies.

With knowledge and based on scientific evidences the main objective of the P-I brand is to offer professionals and patients competitive solutions represented by:

. Simplification

. High Performance

. Safety and Longevity

The fundamental goal is to restore the quality of life of patients.

From 2012 to 2017 P-I was part of Zimmer Biomet, a global reconstruction leader.

In 2018, SIC invent AG, Basel, Switzerland acquired all P-I assets in Europe and Latin America, in addition to intellectual property, trademarks, shares held in the P-I Swedish entity and worldwide manufacturing and commercialization rights.


About SIC invent

SIC invent AG is an innovative and dynamic organization, one of the leading companies in selected markets and product sectors. A feature of SIC invent AG is an outstanding product and market expertise based on the collaboration with the Schilli Implantology Circle. Having access to a multidisciplinary network allows for a rapid transfer of technological and scientific findings into current, practice-relevant medical products.

SIC invent AG supplies responsible, innovative products in the surgical, prosthetic and bone augmentation sectors based on scientific, research and development, expertise.

A close relationship with leading manufacturing companies in Switzerland and Germany guarantees exceptional product quality. Constant in-house monitoring ensures consistently high quality.