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Scan Bodies

• Multiple use* for Intraoral and Desk Scanners
   . Polymer Scan Bodies for Implants and Conical Abutments



• Height Flexibility for customized hybrid abutments
   . Avoid stress cracking and provide high precision seating at Implant






(!) P-I Interfaces, Links and Scan Bodies are listed in the libraries of Zimmer® Zfx™ and other systems. Please check availability in your region. Zimmer® Zfx™ supplies Scan Bodies and Match Holders for the P-I product line.
(!) The Implant Scan Bodies for Amplified® and Morse Taper are recommended for single units and use with Intraoral and Desk Scanners. For multiple prosthesis, please consider P-I Conical Abutment Scan Bodies with universal Platform.
* It is recommended to replace Scan Bodies frequently, when worn out or damaged. Maximum of 100 autoclave cycles.


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